Five reasons why we’re celebrating our birthday – and you should, too!

3rd April, 2023 Read time: Two minutes

Birthday’s only come around once a year, and we wanted to celebrate ours in style – but not in the way you might expect.

We’ve done away with the balloons, party poppers, presents and cake, and instead we’re focusing on the incredible things we’ve managed to achieve in the last 28 years.  

The closer we creep to 30, the longer the list becomes, so we’ve spent some time narrowing it down to five of the things we’re proudest of: 

We’re free! 

It doesn’t get much better than that, right? We know that there can be plenty of barriers to reaching out for support and we believe that money shouldn’t be one of them. Whether you come to Futures to start a new course, find a new job, join our talent pool, or start your path after education, it won’t cost you a penny. And if you are struggling with financial problems, we can help you to right the right support. 

Growing our Futures Family 

Whether you join us for three sessions or thirty, we value every customer who picks up the phone, walks through the door, or sends us an email. Whenever you need us, we’ll be there to help you figure out your next steps. Right from the start, you’re part of our family.  

We can help you with whatever you need 

It’s true – our support caters for people of all ages and backgrounds. From school leavers who are unsure which path is the right one to take after leaving education to those who are over 50 and looking to get back into the workplace. We can support you whether you’re looking for your first job or your dream job. We can even help you if you’ve been made redundant and are feeling lost. With us, you won’t just gain support – you'll also gain the confidence to take your first steps.  

Our incredible people 

We’ve got a whole bunch of them – the advisers who help you on your way, the tutors who deliver our free courses, the reception staff who welcome you into our centres, and many more people behind the scenes who are working to make a difference. We truly believe that our people are the best thing about us, so it’s only right to celebrate them! 

You can find us everywhere! 

We’re online, on the phone, in schools, in job centres, in our own centres, at jobs fairs, in the community... the list goes on. Whenever you need help, you can find us at the time and place that’s most convenient for you. If you’ve been thinking about reaching out but haven’t made the first move yet, today's the day! Choose your area below and start your journey with us: 

Before we go, there’s one more thing to celebrate – everyone who helps us to help you.

Without the schools, job centres, employers, partners and councils who support us, we wouldn’t be able to continue making a difference. We’d like to thank them for all of their support over the last 28 years.

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