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Meet Stephanie

Meet Stephanie, an adviser in Cambs and Peterborough getting people into work and training everyday. She's been changing people's lives for over 10 years.

Stephanie worked in hairdressing for 26 years and her story is proof that with a bit of support and guidance you can change career. With training, she began teaching Employability Skills, and then progressed to become a Careers Adviser herself.

What is your proudest work moment so far?
"Having a customer telling me that she felt that I had shown her the light at the end of a long, dark tunnel. Knowing that I had helped her to feel so much better about her situation and helping her find a way to move forward meant a lot to me. Her words had such an impact that day."

What’s the best part of your job?
"The people that I work with and support. I work within a great team - but I enjoy helping to make a difference for a customer and love it when they contact me to say they have started a new job!"

Here's something that might surprise you about Stephanie...
"When I was 18 years old, I won a charm, personality and beauty competition whilst on holiday in the Great Yarmouth area - think the judges needed help with their eyesight that day!"

Meet Graham

Meet Graham, one of the advisers who helps to make our Cambridgeshire and Peterborough team so great!

Graham has plenty of achievements to be proud of, including having his delivery filmed to be used as training for new advisers - he's just that good!

He's tried his hand at plenty of careers before coming to us - including being trained in Interior Design, working in Wine & Spirits sales, playing a tune as a Professional Musician and creating wonder as a Magician!

When we asked Graham what he though the best part of his job was, he said... 
"Helping customers make the small changes to their application process that lead to big changes in their life."

But it's not all work! You might be surprised to learn that...
Graham still performs as a magician in his spare time!

He also owns a Costume Hire and Party business, so call him up before your next fancy dress party if you need a hand!

Meet Julie

Meet Julie, a qualified careers adviser in our Cambridgeshire and Peterborough team. She helps people to identify opportunities, understand what routes to take and realise their potential.

Julie began working in criminal justice after getting a degree in Criminology and Sociology, but eventually moved to work in schools with students who were at risk of exlusion or who had additional needs. She took the opportunity to gain a Level 6 Careers Guidance qualification, which is where she found her passion. Even though she loved giving careers advice to students, she decided to join us and started giving careers advice to all.

What is your proudest work moment so far?
"I work with a charity who support ex-offenders, and I supported one customer on his release from prison. We discussed his ambitions and possible courses, and since our first appointment he has passed two training courses that will help him toward his long term career goals. I am really happy for him as he was so positive and motivated and he really deserves the chance he has been given."

We asked Julie... what's the best part of your job?
"The best part of my job is when a customer gives me feedback that our conversation has really helped them, and that they feel more motivated or they had no idea they could do the things we talked about. To feel that you have moved someone forward and given them the confidence to progress is really rewarding."

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