Careers Advice, CV Support and Training

Whether you want to develop your career or change it completely, we're confident you'll be a success with our advice and practical help. And if you're returning to work or have been made redundant, we're certain you'll find a job or training opportunity that's right for you.

With honest, straightforward advice and practical support, together we:

  • Explore your limitless options
  • Discover exciting opportunities suited to you
  • Sharpen your skills to secure your next role sooner

Get free CV advice from experts

Make a good impression from the start with a CV that is as unique as you. Be memorable for all the right reasons with expert advice and practical help to write a winning CV.

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Careers Advice

Explore your options and make confident choices with our guidance and expert knowledge. With practical support, polish your CV and be interview-ready. Make your next career move with confidence.

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Find an Apprenticeship

Whether you’re looking for your first job in a new industry or wanting to move up the career ladder, with our guidance and your determination we know you’ll get there.

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Adult Training Courses

Fully funded training courses to support over 19s to enter employment or gain new skills and qualifications while working. Opportunities include job specific skills and recruitment through sector based work academies, traineeships or in work support including English and maths.

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Family Learning

All parents want their children to do well at school and to succeed. However, many simply don't know where to start. Everything seems to have changed since your own schooldays, and you don't want to confuse your children by using different methods to their teacher. Family Learning can help.

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