Helping you through COVID-19, Service Availability

30th March, 2020 Read time: Two minutes

We are still supporting our customers in their time of need. However we are running fewer services for now but that does not hinder our ability to support you.

Have you lost your job, been made redundant or are worrying about reduced hours?

We’re working hard across the East Midlands and East of England to help those affected by the current crisis to get back into work and training with the National Careers Service. Following Government advice, our centres are closed, but our Careers Coaches are still offering the same level of support and will work with you to find and apply for work over the phone, by video chat or email – whichever works best for you.

Our support is completely tailored to what you need, but some examples include:

  • Help with getting back into work, including those jobs that are high in demand right now
  • Support with choosing a new career
  • Writing CVs
  • Advice on completing application forms
  • Interview techniques and tips
  • Help to identify your key transferrable skills and abilities
  • How to use this time to build on your skills, – including advice on free training opportunities most suited to you
  • Access to free Adult Education courses in a range of subjects, remotely delivered in virtual classroom
  • Live Apprenticeship opportunities utilising a virtual learning environment

Complete our contact form to book an appointment or call 0800 917 94 19

Are you out of School or College with no plans for next year?

The sudden closure of schools, sixth forms and colleges has meant that many young people and their families may be feeling confused. Our dedicated Young People’s advisers are on hand to discuss options and find a way forward in education, training and work.

  • We can help you look into your education options – whether that’s training, or going back to school or college
  • We can explore your work or career opportunities right now and in the future
  • We’ll support you through college or job applications
  • We’ll work with you on interview techniques

To arrange a time to talk to one of them call 08000 85 85 20 or email if you’re in Nottingham or in Nottinghamshire.

Are you a business looking for support?

We also work with businesses in the East Midlands looking to bolster their services by increasing recruitment.
  • Candidate pool – Futures is working closely with DWP and other partners to realign our support for new claimants via the National Careers Service and our ESF Employment programmes across D2N2. We are also being asked to provide redundancy support to a range of businesses. These activities will deliver a substantial pool of good quality candidates drawn from sectors that are contracting as result of the situation with Covid 19 and the government’s advice and restrictions
  • Recruitment support – we can provide a range of recruitment support via digital interfaces linking our candidate pool with your workforce needs. We can source, assess and screen candidates according to your specifications and assist you to engage with them, virtually via promotion and advertisement of vacancies, application sessions, and candidate briefings on role requirements
  • Training brokerage – we can also help deliver and assist you to source any pre-employment training, licences or other technical requirements necessary to perform the duties required in the new roles of your expanding workforce. There may be a mismatch in skills and behaviours between the candidate pool and the roles you have available. We can help address this
  • Apprenticeship delivery – our apprenticeship offer to business is continuing with our remote on boarding and virtual learning environment allowing apprentices in your business to continue their training. If you are ready to take on a new apprentice, or to support existing staff to begin a training programme, we can help you to understand apprenticeships, access funding, keep your team engaged and get the right skills in your business. If you are adopting the Job Retention scheme your team can start or continue an apprenticeship training programme while they are furloughed.
  • Training provision – we can deliver pre-employment training, licences or other technical requirements necessary for staff to perform the duties required in the new roles of your changing workforce. There may be a mismatch in skills and behaviours between the candidate pool and the roles you have available. We can help address this through online learning platforms such as BKSB for Functional Skills and European Computer Driving Licence (ECDL)
  • Flexible and low risk employment – we can offer a risk free solution for the employment of apprentices through our Apprenticeship Training Agency. We hold the employment responsibilities, they work full time in your business and you benefit from their skills and enthusiasm while they complete apprenticeship training and development
  • Redundancy support – if you have already made employees redundant, or are about to start the process, we can support both you and your employees to manage the transition through digital group sessions and one-2-one support

To talk to our business advisers about this support contact Futures for Business on 0345 850 8899.

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