Advice and guidance for school leavers

3rd June, 2019

The Results are in!

If you’re waiting for exam results this August, you may have a few questions or worries. Don’t worry, we know that most people aged between 15 and 19 have been thinking about this day all summer.

The biggest question is usually “what happens if I get bad results?”

Here’s the truth: It’s not the end of the world. You’ll probably be disappointed that you didn’t get the results you expected, but it won’t hold you back from going far in life. There are plenty of opportunities to make sure you can achieve your goals – whatever they are. Whether you need to retake your GCSE’s or go on to study subjects which meet your interests, we can help you to find a course and provider to suit you.

Alternatively, an apprenticeship can help you to work toward a qualification while earning money and using your skills in a real business.

If you just haven’t found the right path for you yet, it’s not too late. We’re available to talk through your options and find the bet path to lead you to success.

There are plenty of opportunities to talk to us about your results and options for next year and beyond:

Late Opening on Thursdays

Our Maid Marian Way office in Nottingham is open late on thursdays - between 4PM and 6:15PM we're here to talk to school leavers aged 15-18 about your plans for the future and beyond.

Visit us on a Saturday

We're opening the doors of our Maid Marian Way office on Saturday 31st August for school leavers. So, if you've got you're reults but aren't sure what comes next, why not pop in and see us?

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