Look to the Future on Results Day

10th August, 2021 Read time: Two minutes

Whatever you’re feeling, and whatever your results, you've got options. Help is on hand to give you any advice and guidance that you might need about your future.  

This year, results day has been a bit different to normal - in fact, almost everything has been a bit different to normal – but there’s one thing that hasn’t changed: the support that is available to you. 

Whatever happens on results day – whether you exceed expectations or find that you haven’t done as well as you had hoped – Futures is here to offer you advice and guidance to help you with your next steps. Don’t let results day leave you feeling lost – Futures can help you to find your way.

Understanding How You Feel

You might be experiencing a lot of different emotions around getting your results – excitement, worry, pride, nerves, or maybe all four at once – and it’s important to remember that all of your feelings are completely normal. You won’t be the only one feeling this way! Results day is the start of a big change in your life, whether that’s going to college, university, into an apprenticeship, or something else entirely. It makes sense that your emotions might be here, there and everywhere.  

More videos can be found on our What Next Channel to support you with your options.

Getting through it #Together

Maybe you're considering an apprenticeship, but now you think that university might be the right choice for you, and you need some advice about clearing. Or perhaps you were all set to go to college, but now you’re thinking about starting an apprenticeship. Maybe you want to spend a year volunteering before you move on with your education. There are plenty of paths available, and it can feel overwhelming to know which one to choose.  

Get support from an Adviser, all you have to do is call us on 08000 85 85 20 or get in touch.

Get Support on Results Day and Beyond

We’ve created a free downloadable guide for getting support on results day and beyond. In this guide, you will find information on university clearing, apprenticeships and traineeships, going into employment, preparing for interviews, finding work experience, and more.

Download your Results Guide here.


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