Free 3-Hour Numbers Workshops for People in Work, this Summer

3rd August, 2023 Read time: Two minutes

Sometimes working with numbers can seem overwhelming, scary, or even boring! But there are so many positives to being able to work with them and understand them. 

That’s where we come in! 

Our two new online workshops have been created to help people like you who are in work but maybe need a little extra help to feel confident when it comes to numbers.

Together, we'll look at the importance of understanding your payslip and how learning how to use Excel effectively can save you time and improve your performance at work.

Both workshops are delivered online through Microsoft Teams and last just 3 hours, meaning you can learn something new from the comfort of your own home. 

Understanding your Payslip Workshop

  • Calculating your earnings 
  • Understanding the importance of checking your payslips 
  • Understanding your tax code 
  • Using percentages to calculate income tax and National Insurance 
  • Calculating percentage increase on wages

Using Numeracy to Support Microsoft Excel Workshop

  • Principles of BODMAS and completing calculations linked to this
  • Creating a basic spreadsheet and using formulas 
  • Calculating percentages, averages and ranges of data and putting this in to practice
  • Learning different Excel functions and how to use them to support your day-to-day work 

Eligibility Criteria

The courses are aimed at people living in Nottingham and Nottinghamshire over 19, who don’t have Maths level 2 (GCSE 4) and who are permanent residents of the UK or an EU/EEA country for the last 3 years.

Choose your date and book your spot

You must be a Nottingham City or Nottinghamshire resident to be eligible to access our workshops.

Privacy Notice: Your information will be handled in accordance with the principles and laws of the Data Protection Act 2018 and at no time will it be used for purposes that are not related to the delivery of our service to you. For further details of how your data is used, please view our privacy policy.

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