Speaking English as a Second Language Didn't Stop Emilia from Finding Work

Emilia was worried that communication issues would stop her from finding employment - but we were able to help.

Emilia had been in contact with the National Careers Service for around a year as she needed some long-term support. She arrived in the UK as a single parent and needed help to settle into the country and to understand what living here would be like. 

Due to speaking English as a second language, Emilia struggled with communication barriers and felt that she had no possibility of finding a job quickly. She was worried about her future and about being able to look after her child, but she wasn’t sure what support she was able to access.

During a session with her adviser, Emilia was shown different resources she could use to search for a job and find training opportunities, as well as being guided toward courses to improve her English skills. 

After improving her English skills and being given support on possible career paths, Emilia has found a job in the warehousing industry. She hopes to continue working up to a higher position so that she is able to support her daughter with her education and provide them both with a better life. 

After speaking with the National Careers Service, I am much more confident with my goals and my achievements. My life isn’t a struggle anymore. I can progress with my career and find many more opportunities in my life. Emilia, from Bedfordshire