Options for school leavers in Nottingham and Nottinghamshire

Access the latest post-16 and post-18 career advice in Nottinghamshire with a dedicated Career Coach. 

There are so many possible pathways when you leave education; further study, employment and many combinations of the two! 

Fortunately there is a funded service that exists on your doorstep that brings career advice to you, for you. 

Our Coaches can offer you one-off guidance as well as ongoing support through a method that you're comfortable with: 

  • Over the phone 
  • At the Futures Nottingham City centre 
  • In the community at your home 


Are you facing mental health struggles? 

Despite common misconceptions and beliefs, disorders related to mental health do not selectively target adults, in fact 25% of UK school leavers have mental health challenges by the age of 16.

We provide intensive support to young people who would benefit from working with a Coach trained to manage mental health challenges as part of this careers service. Contact us to find out more about the program or request support for a young person.