Receiving Careers Guidance Inspired Humera to Become a Careers Adviser Herself

Humera was so inspired by the support she received, she decided to pursue the same path for herself.

Humera came for careers advice after she completed her Human Resources degree. She was feeling confused about her future, as she hadn’t enjoyed the degree and no longer felt that she wanted to pursue a career in HR. She realised that she wanted more than sitting behind a desk and working at a computer. She was more interested in talking to customers and being able to carry out administration and IT related tasks. 

Her adviser was able to show her many different examples of work she could do, using the transferable skills from her degree. Seeing all of the options open to her helped to increase her confidence and feel motivated at the prospect of finding a new career.

Together, Humera and her adviser explored the option of becoming a careers adviser, with her adviser being able to share her first-hand experience of the job and what the role consists of. As a result, Humera began looking at completing a Level 2 certificate in Information, Advice and Guidance, which is a great start for anyone looking to move into the careers sector.

Since then, Humera has successfully completed the IAG course, and has gone on to secure a trainee position as a careers adviser, where she says she enjoys being able to provide excellent service to people the same way it was provided to her. 

I really appreciate the service that was given to me. I was given lots of hope, which increased my confidence. I would recommend this service to everyone. Humera, from Leicester