Don’t wait until next year – sleigh the competition with support from Futures

22nd November, 2023 Read time: Two minutes

When the nights start drawing in and December is just around the corner, there’s one phrase we always hear that makes us shiver more than the weather does.  

It’s not ‘I don’t like roast potatoes’, or ‘Home Alone is an overrated Christmas film’ - it’s much worse than that! 

Have you ever caught yourself saying... ‘I’ll wait until next year’?  

There’s no denying that December can be a hectic time of year, juggling carol concerts with making sure there’s enough space in your freezer, but it’s also the perfect time to start thinking ahead. 

If you’ve been thinking about getting back into work, or making a change in your career, but you’ve decided to ‘wait until next year’, you’re missing out on a fantastic opportunity to get ahead of the crowd. 

Why wait until January to blow the dust off your CV when you could start the year off with one that’s shinier than a freshly buffed bauble?  

If you’re ready to sleigh the competition (if you’ll pardon the pun) and step into 2024 with confidence, here’s a few things you can do during December:  

Join an Online Workshop 

We have workshops available throughout December, supporting you to write a great CV, prepare for interviews, plan your career, or gain new skills. Even if you’re not ready to start applying for something new just yet, you can still get started on your journey and build your confidence along the way.  

Spaces fill up fast, so discover available workshops in the East Midlands and East of England today.

Think About Your Goals 

Don’t wait until January to think about New Years Resolutions – get planning now! Thinking about your goals and writing them down or talking about them with friends and family is a great way to set the wheels in motion.  

They don’t have to be anything big, but having an idea of what you’d like to achieve is the first step in achieving it. 

Look for Potential Jobs  

You don’t have to apply for them right away but spend some time on jobsites like Indeed and LinkedIn to get an idea of what jobs are available near you.  

Read through the job descriptions of roles you’re interested in and note down examples of where your skills and experience match what they’re asking for.  

You can even set up job alerts to receive emails when jobs you’re well matched for become available. 

Consider Training Courses 

If you don’t have all the skills you need to get the job you want right away, there’s no need to worry. There are plenty of training courses on offer – some for free – that can help you reach the skill level you need.  

You can take a look at our Short Courses page to see if any of the courses we offer can help you in the new year. 

Book an Appointment 

If you’ve joined one of our online workshops, you’ll be automatically invited to book a one-to-one session with our expert advisers. These sessions are completely tailored to you, and will help you access the support you need to begin your journey.  


So – what are you waiting for? Whether you’re ready to take a small step or a giant leap, don’t wait until next year. We’re ready and waiting to support you right away.  

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