College applicant, Dylan, receives ‘5 star rated’ career and life guidance from Futures  

16th February, 2023 Read time: Two minutes

Futures Coach Michaella first met Dylan when he was “at his lowest and struggling” to complete his college applications without any real understanding of what he wanted from life.

Together, we quickly identified that Dylan needed support with one of the most fundamental life skills, making and maintaining friendships, with his career plan being the end goal of his bespoke support plan. 

“When I first met Michaella I had just started to make friends but struggled to keep them. I had moved around a lot of schools and can struggle with personal boundaries. I didn’t realise how much this was impacting me until I worked with Futures.”  

Relationships and personal connections play a key role in supporting our wellbeing, especially when going through difficult periods of our lives. Strong relationship skills are also vital for a young person at the early stages of their professional lives, it will become essential for team morale, collaboration and also for the transfer and development of skills in the workplace.  

The next big step for me in improving my life skills was understanding my finances and how I could be better with money. I’m much more confident now with budgeting but when I need it Futures continue to work with me and help me to stay on track with my money.”   Dylan

The final milestone in Dylan's support package was understanding and preparing for his career with an appropriate college course.  “I didn’t think I had many skills as a person but I learnt about the transferrable skills I had which was something I had never heard of.”  

Michaella identified that Dylan struggled with concentration and maintaining focus on his goals, which is something Futures are trained to support with. “Michaella helped me to decide what I really wanted from college and together we worked out a clear path for me to get there. That really helped to keep me focused.”  

Dylan went on to tell us: “I felt I knew nothing before I came to Futures and now I feel prepared to leave school and I'm much more self-aware. There were skills like budgeting and respect that I had never been supported with and would have held me back.”  

“I wish more schools, social services and youth clubs would welcome Futures. This kind of support in Year 9 when I was choosing my options could have changed everything for me. It’s a five star service on our doorstep!”  Dylan

Futures offer a Connection service to schools in the East Midlands, which involves a number of services from careers advise for young people and their parents, right through to connecting schools with local businesses to provide career opportunities. If your school or youth establishment is interested in embedded the Futures services, you can enquire online today.

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