At 58 years old, Christina has found a job she loves

Having not worked since she was 23, Christina didn't have high hopes for finding work.

Christina came to the National Careers Service when she realised that, at 58 years old, she’d never had to create a CV before, and she had no idea where to start. She was unemployed and had a good idea of the type of work she was looking for but didn’t know how to get started. 

After bringing up her family and then becoming a stay-at-home carer, Christina didn’t have high hopes and didn’t see herself as employable. She hadn’t worked since she was 23 years old. When she found herself needing to find a job, she didn’t know what she would do or which way to turn.

Her adviser was able to help her put together stand-out CV that gave her the encouragement she needed to start her job search. They also discussed various training programmes that could be suitable and shared resources such as job search websites to help Christina get on track and kickstart her search for a new career.

Now, Christina has been offered a job as a care assistant, with flexible hours that suit her family’s needs. She’s looking forward to getting started and progressing in her new role.

Without the expert advice and encouragement from my advisor I wouldn’t have had the confidence to go after a new career path. I didn’t think I would even get as far as an interview, but I did. I was made to feel that I did have something to offer an employer and was encouraged to go after the type of work I was considering. Christina, from Essex