Young people

Personal Guidance and Employability

Whether you’ve just left education or have been out of work for a while and want help working out what to do next, we're confident you'll be a success with our advice and practical help.

With honest, straightforward advice and support, together we:

  • Explore your options
  • Discover exciting opportunities suited to you
  • Prepare you for an exciting future

If you are interested in finding out more or wish to request support for a young person, get in touch.

Sally is one of our Careers Coaches who works with young people who need additional support during their education, from SEND to being in an alternative provision. Sally looks at the young person as a whole, not just their education. This helps her to provide the right help for each individual. If you feel you could use this kind of support or know a young person who might – just give us a call or come into our centre on Maid Marian Way if you’d prefer.

Careers and Education Support for Children and Young People with Disabilities or Special Education Needs (SEN)

Nothing should hold you back from achieving your goals. Through the Independent Advice and Support Service (IASS), we offer information and advice to help young people find opportunities and access all the help needed to thrive.

For more information, please visit:

  • AskUs – Our team offering information and advice to parent/carers and young people
  • IRIS – An information website, magazine and newsletter for parents and carers of children and young people with special educational needs and disabilities.

Leaving School?

If you’ve not quite got your plan in place yet, it might feel like you’re being left behind, but we can assure you there are plenty of people who don’t know what they will do when they leave school. In fact, there are very few people who leave school with a career in mind and go on to work that job for the next 50 years.

Begin an apprenticeship

Whether you’re about to finish your studies, looking for your first job or wanting to move up the career ladder, with our guidance and your determination we know you’ll get there.

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