Trishna Found Her Dream Job After Changing Careers

Trishna was hoping to make a career change, and found her dream job in the process.

Trishna came to the National Careers Service looking for a change of career. She had been in the same part-time job for through college, university, and for three years after graduating when she got in touch for the first time. After getting some advice on different career paths, she gained her first full time job. 

Unfortunately for Trishna, the job wasn’t a good fit, and she contacted the National Careers Service again – this time, she was hoping to make a change of career and return to work in the same sector which she’d completed her degree in. 

Trishna’s adviser helped her to find her skillset and explore different career options, as well as giving her CV a boost and updating it to look more professional to potential employers. 

Thanks to the support she received, Trishna has landed her perfect job and is so much happier than she was before. 

I can’t fault this service at all! The advice, the friendliness – I’ve got unlimited gratitude for them. I’m so happy, confident and motivated now. I can’t thank this service enough – it gave me hope and faith. Trishna, from Leicestershire