The Thrive Project exists to work with children and young people With SEND and those who are also at risk of getting caught up in crime and violence and providing support that will prevent this.

Every year, Futures works with thousands of young people to make positive changes in their lives. We do this by helping them to increase their skills, boost their confidence and improve their wellbeing, setting them up for a bright future. 

Through The Thrive Project we provide support and mentoring through creative, fun and relaxed one-to-one activities, virtually and in-person, which equip children and young people with skills to cope and sustain in educational environments to keep them engaged in learning . The role has a particular focus to help young people re-adapt into education settings after time out of educational environments due to Covid 19 measures.

A programme of online sessions and practical support will be delivered, including visual, auditory, verbal and kinaesthetic activities and games. For example:

Confidence Building/Mental Health Support

Music therapy and creation, song-writing, poetry, music production, self-defence, virtual arts/crafts, self-esteem building sessions.

Stress Management

Music therapy, relaxation techniques, virtual Tai Chi, mindfulness, understanding stress/stress reduction, creating an anger plan (e.g. safe ways to release my anger), stress management card/board games

Transition Planning

Resilience workshops, virtual tours/images of new school settings, establishing contact with key staff/intro to the team around you, including Q&A with SENCO facilitated by Futures coach, organisational preparation for school such as social stories, visual support circles, support with timetabling and routines, how to make and keep friends, understanding different behaviour expectations in different environments, creating a personal support plan in school.


- City residents (or in the Care of City LA) in Years 6-11 inclusive
- Disengaging from learning and at risk of involvement in crime and violence

To find out more about Thrive or to make a referral, please email the team on