Five STEM Jobs You Might Never Have Considered Before

12th February, 2020

STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) is a hot topic right now.

This week saw an International day of Women and Girls in Science, celebrating the many scientific and technological accomplishments of great women both past and present. Meanwhile, barely a day passes when we don’t hear about the great advances in technology, science and maths – doing wonders for our health, the environment and making life easier both at home and at work.

There are hundreds of job titles within the STEM umbrella, and we’ve collected five that we don’t think you’ll have ever considered before.

1. Space Travel Agent

Although it isn’t yet widely possible to go on holiday to another planet, space tourism has been, ahem, taking off. In the early 2000’s there were a handful of passenger trips to the International Space Station (ISS) from Russia, and NASA has recently announced plans for their own commercial trips to the ISS. You may think this would be an easy job, but with tickets costing over £150,000, your customer service and sales skills have to be top notch!

2. Storm Tracker

Contrary to what’s shown in films, a Storm Tracker doesn’t spend their day driving into tornados. They’re actually experts in extreme weather conditions, and need critical thinking skills and to able to analyse lots of data to better understand, track and prepare for the future.

3. Master Cicerone (Beer Specialist)

There’s a lot of science behind beer – and all alcoholic beverages for that matter. Much like cooking and baking, each drink gets its flavour, texture and colour from a recipe and often complex distilling, mixing and brewing process. It takes someone with a lot of knowledge to create something new which will liked by customers. Think you could take on the challenge?

4. LEGOTM Designer

Yes, you read that right! There are teams of people who get paid to play with LEGO. designing new toys, projects and products. The job needs people who are skilled in technology and design to create new toys, projects and products.

5. Divemaster

Divemasters are often found escorting holidaymakers on scuba diving expeditions. It sounds like a lot of fun, with endless days on the beach to top up your tan. But professional divers need to know all about the ocean, wildlife and the physics of diving, swimming and floating.

Have these unusual job titles got you thinking about what your dream job might be? Talk to us about making it a reality.

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