Futures Staff share what they hope to achieve in 2020

7th January, 2020

The start of a new year is a great time to set yourself some goals and think about what you want to achieve over the next 12 months – or maybe longer.

We know that hearing other people's goals can be a huge motivator if you're feeling uninspired.With this in mind, we asked Futures’ staff to tell us what they want to achieve in 2020.

Here’s what they had to say:

Faye McDaniel - Recruitment Coordinator for apprenticeships



"I am hoping to get running in the new year – I am going to set out to run a half marathon by the summer. Going to set myself small goals to get there!!”


Amanda Payne, - Head of Operations Young Peoples and Vulnerable Adults services

“My personal goal for 2020 is to get back up a mountain, I love the peaks!”

Janice-May Dickson, Finance Assistant

I’d like to be a bit more humble, and not take life so seriously.”


Michelle Dalby, Business Engagement Executive

“Still being relatively new to the Futures for Business team, I am setting myself the goal of targeting 25 new companies to bring onboard in 2020, whether this be new Apprentices or workforce development!”

Sam Kelly, Careers Coach


“For 2020, I’m hoping to be fitter and healthier and complete the Nottingham half marathon in September.

“A good tip somebody told me before – write down what you want to achieve and why. So that way when the inevitable lack of motivation comes, you can remember why you’re doing what you’re doing!”


James Fry, Team Administrator – Business Support

“I want to get my driving license”

Bex Knight, PR & Marketing

"My goal is to do some CPD around project management. We’re doing more events and campaigns at work, so I think some focused project management learning will really help."

Tracey Meeson, Admin and Work Experience Assistant

To increase my crisp packet family. Metcalf packets are good for creating bow ties. Walkers are good for creating triangles.”

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