Taking your next steps after Results Day

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Whether you've been taking GCSEs or A-Levels, you've probably taken a massive sigh of relief now that you've been able to put the pen down. 

It's not surprising - sitting exams can be a stressful time, and something that you'll have put in a lot of hard work for over the past few months! 

So before we get into how we can support you with your next steps, let us take the time to say congratulations for completing the exam period, and we truly hope you have a relaxing summer to celebrate!

But we're here for more than just a pat on the back - we're here to help you make sure the future you're dreaming of is within reach. 

Your options

Here's the thing about our futures - we don't always know where they're going to take us. You might be planning on getting all A's and heading off to university with nothing but a frying pan, a pillowcase, and a head full of dreams, but do you have a back-up plan in place for if things don't go your way? 

Or maybe you've found that being in education isn't the right fit for you, and you'd rather get your hands stuck into some real-world work. Do you know where to find those opportunities? 

At this stage in your life, your options and opportunities are wide open. You could: 
  • Stay in education
  • Earn and learn with an apprenticeship
  • Join a Skills Bootcamp
  • Look into T-Levels, HTQs and VTQs
  • Get straight into employment
  • Spend some time volunteering
  • Explore work experience 
  • Find a Supported Internship (if you have an EHCP)

It's overwhelming, we know. How are you supposed to know you're making the right call? Well, the first step is doing your research. 

We're making that part easy for you, with our comprehensive guide to finding support on results day and beyond.

You can download the guide for free here!

Getting in touch

Doing your own research and asking your teachers, parents and guardians for support is great, but sometimes it helps to talk to a professional - that's where our team of expert advisers come in.

You can chat directly to an adviser through calling our Results Time helpline on 0800 100 900 or using the webchat feature on the National Careers Service website.

If you live in Nottingham or Nottinghamshire and do not have a place secured in education, work or training after you receive your results, you can send us an email at and we'll be in touch with you.