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You're one step away from a career in health and social care

You can complete a fully-funded Health & Social Care qualification with the option of an additional Employability qualification to improve your chances of getting a job.  

This qualification will provide you with the skills and knowledge needed to help individuals maintain independence and enhance life quality. 

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Dental technician - Salary £27-40k

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Practice nurse £27-47k

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Add-On Employability qualification  

If you plan to use your Level 1 Health & Social Care qualification to go directly into employment rather than further education, we offer a Level 1 Employability qualification that can be embedded into your course. 

This will provide you with the skills required to succeed at both application and interview. 

What will the course cover?

The qualification is made up of various topics, including:

  • Effective Communication
  • Career Planning and Making Applications
  • Preparing for Work
  • Interview Skills
  • Searching for a Job
  • Working as Part of a Team
  • Developing Personal Confidence

What can I do next? 

Upon completion of your Level 1 Certificate in Employability you can use your skills to source the perfect job opportunities and apply with total confidence. 


"This course has broadened my horizons and totally changed my outlook"

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I am aged 19 years old or over. I have lived in the UK or a European Economic Area (EEA) Member state for the last three years or are an Individual or Asylum Seeker with certain types of immigration status*. I am actively seeking employment and claiming an unemployment benefit ** OR I am earning under £20,319 annual gross salary and be able to commit to the course.

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