Family Learning

Wanting your children to do well at school is something that all parents have in common. However, it can be difficult to know how best to help them to succeed – especially with continual changes in school curriculums which mean that everything seems to have changed since your own schools days. Family Learning can help.

What is family learning?

Family Learning encourages parents and children across Cambridgeshire to learn and develop their skills together through fun and practical activities. The courses give parents and carers the opportunity to understand the methods and skills children learn at school, as well as a chance to share ideas with other parents and improve upon valuable skills as an adult.

Our Family Learning courses are held in easily accessible places, such as schools, colleges and community centres.

Our courses are for you if you are:

- Aged 19 or over
- Are a parent, grandparent or carer
- Live in Cambridgeshire
- Looking to help your children to learn
- Wanting to find out more about how children learn


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