Seasonal vacancies mean that lots of work experience opportunities are available

22nd October, 2018

The end of October stands out in the calendar for a few reasons – it’s cold, it’s spooky, and it’s probably pumpkin spiced!

It’s also a great time to find work experience.

Throughout October, many of the bigger companies have begun to advertise for seasonal staff; these are usually temporary positions, which help to support the business through the busier times – in this case, the Christmas shopping season.

During the past few weeks, vacancies have started appearing at retailers like Boots, Argos, Card Factory, Debenhams and Primark.

These vacancies could offer a great opportunity for you, especially if you are looking for work experience to boost your skills and impress future employers.

There are five reasons for this:

1. Seasonal work is paid

It might sound obvious, but it’s not unusual for work experience opportunities to be unpaid or voluntary. However, seasonal vacancies are subject to the minimum wage and are often open to those who are new to the world of work or looking for their first job.

2. There are more jobs available

Of course, it’s not guaranteed that everyone who applies for seasonal work will get a job; success is more likely during the autumn/winter season, as companies tend to have more openings to fill.

That doesn’t mean that you can take a low-effort approach to your job search, however. Christmas jobs often receive a high number of applications, so you will still need to ensure that your CV, covering letter and application form highlight your skills and experience to make you stand out.

3. The hours tend to be more flexible

Seasonal vacancies are usually part-time with more flexibility than other employment contracts. So, finding work experience to fit around college, university or family commitments

As you are likely to be working with people in a similar position, it may even be possible to arrange to swap shifts with others when necessary.

4. It could lead to permanent work

Performing well during your time as seasonal staff could lead to an offer of permanent employment. It’s not guaranteed, but it may be worth asking your line manager if there are any opportunities to stay on once the season ends.

Of course, they don’t have to tell you either way, but it could lead to a discussion about how they will choose who to keep, and what will be expected of those individuals.

However, even if your seasonal job doesn’t lead to a permanent position, the experience will help you to find success elsewhere.

5. You will gain valuable skills for the future

Your skills and experience are two of the main things employers look at when you apply for a job. Seasonal work is a great way to demonstrate that you are willing to work and can handle high-pressure situations – the Christmas shopping period is often busy and can be challenging at times.

If your job is in retail, you will be working in a team, as well as needing to use your own initiative at times. Those are skills that most employers are looking for, regardless of the sector you want to work in.

Showing potential employers that you have transferable skills – those which can be adapted to a range of job roles – is a great way to make sure you stand out from other applicants. Transferable skills may include; attention to detail, communication skills, time management and organisation skills.

Futures for you can help throughout the journey

If you plan to take advantage of the latest seasonal recruitment campaigns, our advisers can help you to make sure that your CV and covering letter are up-to-date and present your skills in the most appealing way.

Furthermore, once you have secured your work experience, we can work with you to make sure that you are making the most of the opportunity, then help you to present your new skills and experiences in order to find new opportunities or progress your career further.

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