5 Online job searching Tips from Futures for You

17th October, 2018

In today’s world, many processes are moving online, and applying for jobs is no exception.

While paper applications have not quite disappeared yet, the ability to find and apply for jobs online with confidence is becoming more and more important.

At Futures, we recognise that the shift to online applications requires a different set of skills to applying in person, or using a paper application form and that can affect your confidence, and as a result, may damage your chances of success.

To help you to overcome the digital hurdle, we have put together five tips to help you find your feet online:

1. Embrace your mistakes

For many people who do not have much experience using computers or applying for jobs online, it is easy to ‘freeze up’ when faced with a screen and keyboard. Usually, this is due to the fear that you will do something wrong or look silly.

Everyone has to start somewhere and making mistakes is part of learning a new skill. Think about your hobbies or previous jobs. Even the experts were once new and got things wrong to begin with!

2. Have patience

Learning a new skill takes time and it can be easy to get frustrated if you don’t immediately understand what you are doing or how something works. Like any new skills or process, this will take time, and the more you practice and apply for jobs using online application systems, the easier they will become overall.

In addition, job applications can be quite long and you may find yourself entering the same information multiple times. This can be time-consuming and may make you feel like giving up. However, doing so will only have one outcome – you definitely won’t be considered for the job.

Applying for quality jobs, rather than a high number of jobs can reduce this frustration, as you will know that each position is worth taking the time and making the effort to apply for.

3. Don’t rush

It can be tempting to get as many applications as possible sent off, but doing that will result in a lower quality of application, which can harm your chances of being successful. It is far better to narrow down the vacancy to those which meet your career goals and skills, and spend extra time making sure those applications are completed to the best of your ability.

If you are not well-versed in online applications, or using computers, taking your time and completing each application carefully will also reduce the likelihood of making mistakes as you navigate an unfamiliar system.

4. Be prepared for change

Different employers and recruitment sites will have different application processes. In some instances, you may simply be asked to send your CV and covering letter to the employer by email, whereas others may need you to enter your details into an online form. You may be asked to submit answers to questions, which will assess your suitability for the role, or you could be asked to complete online tests to determine your maths and English levels.

It can be scary when faced with a process you haven’t seen before, but many systems will have an introduction and tests usually have example questions at the beginning to show you what to do.

Of course, if you do get stuck, there’s nothing wrong with asking for help from someone you trust, or an employment adviser or coach.

5. Ask for help if you need it

There are plenty of people who are willing to help you to get to grips with applying for jobs online. These can include your family, friends and professional organisations.

At Futures, we offer many ways to improve your digital skills and feel more confident in using the internet for everyday activities, including networking and finding work. These range from our advisers, who are available during the week to give advice and help you to complete applications, to adult training courses, which can improve your skills, and in some cases, can lead to a guaranteed interview.

To discuss either of those options in detail, feel free to get in touch with us.

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